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The Customer is KEY

Here at Impact we believe that the customer really is KEY.  To ensure that our customer service is of a high standard, we have produced our own customer service word / action grid – this helps us to achieve the customer service we want to deliver every day. 

These are our key words and the reasons for them – these are what help us to ensure that our CUSTOMER IS KEY.

The reasons for the words in the photograph…….

We are not doing our customers a favour by serving them - they are doing us a favour by giving us the opportunity to do so.

We recognise our customer isn’t an outsider in our business, he is our business.  We will always display helpful and supportive behaviour to all customers.

Sometimes we will get it wrong so it’s important we work together to improve. It is never easy to challenge a colleague but often it is necessary and if we are to live these values it is essential. Positive, supportive challenge is a key element of our continuous improvement.

A healthy dialogue between ourselves and our customers is pivotal to customer satisfaction – but effective communication between staff, colleagues, partners and managers is also a must.   

With careful tuning of our internal policies and practices and regular reviews of our procedures, we will obtain the correct balance between customer satisfaction and corporate priorities.

We will flexibly provide responsive services at first point of contact that meet the needs of customers, minimise duplication, reduce our workload and radiate a wow factor.

Go the extra mile
We know that poor customer service is one of the major causes of customer dissatisfaction, so we will ensure that we provide a top class level of service that goes above and beyond expectations.   

We will be honest with customers, manage their expectations and explain things to them openly and honestly.

We will not settle for just serving a customer well – we want to know about the customers experience good or bad so we can use it to improve our approach.

Abbreviations and jargon that are self-explanatory to us are often misunderstood by customers and can lead to dissatisfaction. We’ll cast aside the mumbo-jumbo for a free-flowing dialogue with our customers.

We realise that an experienced knowledgeable workforce will not only ensure that our customers are correctly advised at all times, it will also minimise dissatisfaction and complaints.   

In this age of social media, the service we have given, be it good or bad, can be shared across the internet at the drop of a hat. We know that a base of loyal customers is therefore of particular importance and we will appreciate that loyalty.  

It’s really important that all staff think things through and are mindful of what they are doing and saying, and of consequences and outcomes when providing customer service.

A healthy balance between our corporate needs and those of our customers is an integral factor for long-term success.  We will be very clear what our roles are and what we can and cannot do.  We will check that customers understand and they have the clarity they need.

Customers, like the rest of us, enjoy the feeling of being in control, and by giving them a variety of mutually agreeable resolutions to their queries, we will score invaluable customer service points.

We recognise that whilst customers want us to be friendly, they also want us to be professional so that they know they are in safe hands.

Our customers need to know that they’re dealing with a quality organisation which is genuinely concerned with the quality of service it provides.

When it comes to customer services, we share a common goal with our customers: swift and amiable resolution. To do this and avoid unnecessary escalations, we’ll ensure that we are equipped to deal with complaints effectively.

Customers want solutions rather than reasons why things can’t be done.  We will provide choices, ideas and solutions that help our customers to make decisions.

Trust is the cornerstone of any business relationship – without a strong and consistent rapport, our customer satisfaction will weaken. So, we will respond to queries as honestly and clearly as possible.

The last thing we want is to upset our customer before we’ve even had a chance to respond to his or her query. With this in mind our services will be easy to access and user-friendly, and our processes will be customer centred.

Verbal nods
We know that used correctly, a varied set of polite verbal nods can work wonders for customer satisfaction levels.  Words like “right”, “yes”, “great” and “I understand” reinforce customer confidence in our listening skills while creating an atmosphere of resolution.

We want all of our customers to feel welcomed by us, so they know they are not interrupting our day – they are the purpose we are here!

X factor
We are all individuals with likeable traits and mannerisms – that’s the reason we work at Impact. We don’t want to suppress our personalities beneath endless scripts and formality; we want to allow our personality to shine through at every interaction so that our customers are in no doubt that they are our most important asset.

When dealing with difficult customers, one word can make all the difference in the world.  This isn’t to say that we should succumb to each and every demand an angry customer makes, but where we are at fault, it’s not unreasonable for the customer to expect us to say so and put things right if we can.

Our positive outlook as a zealous workforce can rub off on the customers we come into contact with. Our strong sense of corporate identity and interacting with our customers accordingly, reassures them that we take our value – “The Customer is Key” - seriously.

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