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Many people find information difficult or even impossible to understand simply because of the way they are designed. Impact aims to make all our services and sites as accessible as possible.

Using Our Website

Please use the icons at the top right of the homepage to change text size, font, use Browse aloud or change the format to text only.

This website is also speech-enabled, which means that if you find it difficult to read the website, you can actually listen to it. Browsealoud is free software which you download onto your computer, when you have installed it as you move the cursor over the text the words are read out to you. You can customise the settings, for example to highlight the text as you go, or to change the voice to something you prefer. Please use this link to download the BROWSEALOUD  software.

Communicating With Us

Hearing Impairment/ Speech Impairment

Type talk-If you have difficulty hearing or a speech impairment you can contact us using Type talk by prefixing 18001 in front of the number you are calling.

British Sign Language Interpreter Service- Impact can book a BSL translator through Cumbria Deaf Association to assist a face to face meeting.

Hearing Loops- All Impact reception areas have fixed induction loops to ensure that hearing aid wearers can use the T setting on their hearing aid to hear the staff member better. Also, all offices, schemes and staff who work in people’s homes have portable induction loops that can be used anywhere. If this would be of benefit to you, please let us know.

Visually Impairment

We are able to provide our written documents in an alternative format such as Large print, Braille or Audio tape. Please contact any of our offices to receive information in one of these formats.

English not your first language?

Impact subscribes and uses Languageline. This is a service that offers fast access to a telephone interpreter service in over 100 languages. It can be used to translate when someone is with an Impact staff member or when we are receiving or making a telephone call to a person who does not speak English. All staff know how to use the service and details and help leaflets are available in all offices and schemes. 

We are pleased to offer the service of translating information we provide into another language. If you wish to easily translate information on our website into another language as you browse, we recommend that you use the Translate with live search features on the Internet Explorer 8 browser. To find out more about this we recommend that you visit 

BrowseAloud also features language translation tools

Email Us

All our staff are able to deal with any customer service query via e-mail You might find this useful if you prefer silent communication or if you find accessing the telephone difficult.

Most importantly, if you need any help, please ask. Any Impact staff member will be willing to spend time in the office, on the phone or at your home to explain our services and how you can access them.