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Publications and Policies


  • Annual Report to Tenants  - The Annual Report to Tenants details our achievements for the year 2019/20 and shows you where we are performing well and where we need to improve. It is one way we keep tenants up to date on our progress right across the business.
  • Annual Account 2018/19 - Our latest Accounts are now available.  The accounting period was extended so the accounts and annual report cover the period from 1st January 2018 to 31st March 2019.  The accounts show a negative reserves due to various factors.  The accounts have been prepared on a going concern basis and audited by our Auditor KPMG. We have support from our lenders and The Riverside Group Ltd as our Parent. The accounts were approved by our Board and adopted at our 2019 AGM.
  • Vision and Corporate Plan 
  • Tenant Engagement Strategy



  • Cumbria Allocations Policy inc Mutual exchange exclusions statementSuccession right policyTransfer PolicyImpact is a partner to the Cumbria Choice Lettings Scheme and we let most of our homes through this scheme. This policy sets out how homes are let through the scheme and includes details of the application process, how applicants are prioritised, the bidding process for securing a new home, exclusion criteria and appeals processes.
  • Starter Tenancy Policy: All new tenants to Impact are granted a Starter Tenancy Agreement. This policy details the process for managing starter tenancies including the process for converting a starter tenancy to a full assured tenancy and the appeals procedure where a decision is taken to end or extend a starter tenancy.
  • Tenure Policy: This policy details the different tenancy agreements that we grant and the circumstances in which they are granted.
  • Rent Setting Policy: This policy details the different rents that are set by Impact, how they are set, how they are reviewed and the information provided to tenants relating to rents and service charges.
  • Welfare Reform and Impacts approach to under-occupancy: This policy sets out some of the implications for tenants of welfare reform and Impacts approach to supporting tenants to manage the reforms, including support to tenants who are under-occupying their properties and experiencing financial hardship.
  • Rent Arrears Policy: This policy sets out our approach and processes for rent collection and dealing with non-payment of rent, including details of actions taken at different levels of arrears, legal processes and  support and advice services provided by Impact and others.
  • Tenancy Fraud Policy: This policy sets out our approach to preventing and dealing with tenancy fraud, specifically obtaining tenancies via deception and including the illegal sub-letting of properties.
  • Eviction Policy: This policy sets out our approach to eviction including situations where we seek eviction, processes followed, support and advice to persons at risk of eviction or being evicted and any right to appeal an eviction decision
  • Anti Social Behaviour Policy  This policy sets out our approach to preventing and dealing with anti-social behaviour