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Skills to Succeed at South Lakes Foyer

Back in September 2013 young people told us that that the life skills lessons on offer needed to be changed and made to be more fun and interactive.  Young people decided on rebranding the programme and held a competition to select a name and logo.  The life skills programme is now called “Skills 2 Succeed” and the branding and logo design has been selected by young people. 

The South Lakes Foyer team and young people created a 12 week programme of sessions, activities and projects that will provide young people with the opportunity to gain valuable and vital skills such as tenancy management, cooking on budget, mental wellbeing, living a healthy life, money management, budgeting, sexual health, social confidence, employability skills and social media safety.  Each session has a formal session plan to ensure that key learning messages are included, each session has a strong emphasis on fun and interaction.  In order to make the programme more appealing  young people have selected the names of sessions for example, rather than “Sexual Health” the session has been entitled “How to have Good Sex”, “Love Hurts”, “Blood Sweat and Beers” and “Life’s Up and Downs”.

Skills 2 Succeed is open to all young people living across South Lakes Foyer in Kendal and Ulverston and young people waiting to move into the service.  We will be developing a referral process for young people living in supported accommodation with other providers to access the events.  Over the 12 week programme there is around 70 opportunities for young people. 

What's in it for you?
Skills 2 Succeed is an amazing opportunity for you to get involved with a wide range of activities, workshops, projects and adventures.  Over 12 weeks you will have up to 40 different opportunities to gain new skills, develop your knowledge and have great experiences.  Skills 2 Succeed is flexible and can be personalised to fit with your life.