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Phil's Success Story

When I lived at Pica I didn’t get much support. I was depressed, stressed, I wasn’t a people person and no one visited. Jane from Impact's Neighbourhood and Community Team got me a move to Whitehaven, which was the best thing that happened as people started visiting. It improved my depression. Jane introduced me to Rachael from the Neighbourhood and Communities Team who helped with things around employability, such as job search and CV’s. With the help of Jane and Rachael I now have a lovely place to live, I have a job and my mood has totally changed. I am a people’s person now and I am really enjoying life.

Phil is a tenant who received practical support through Impact’s Ideal offer. As part of this offer his Neighbourhood Co-ordinator and Advisor drew up a personalised action plan around Phil’s needs. This work was on a one-to-one basis, but also required Phil to be dedicated and carry out tasks away from these appointments. If you are an Impact tenant who is out of work or looking to move in to another job or if you have any other needs, we may be able to assist you and make a real difference. Please contact your Neighbourhood Co-ordinator on 03448 736290 or call into any of Impact’s Hubs.



  • 03448 736290