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New national power cut number – call 105

Power companies in England, Scotland and Wales have joined forces to launch a new, free, nationwide emergency power number. Calling 105 will put you directly through to your local electricity network operator so that you can report a power cut, get information about a power cut and report damage to electricity power lines and substations that could put you, or someone else, in danger. Its free to call from mobiles and landlines and easy to remember.

The launch of this new number comes after a survey has revealed that 72% of people don’t know who to contact in the event of a power cut and 43% of people would incorrectly contact their electricity supplier. Of the 21% of people who did know to contact the electricity network operator, only 11% could name the correct company for their area. This means that many calls are going through to the wrong place and causing delays and confusion in getting the problem solved.

The Electricity Network Operator is the company that manages and maintains the power lines and substations in a local area. There are 6 across England, Scotland and Wales covering 14 local areas so knowing who to call in the rare event of a power cut isn’t something that’s easy for most people to remember. The 105 number will do the hard bit for you and connect you straight to the people that can help.

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