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Jo Ritson – Social Enterprise Manager gives her views on the importance of volunteers.

“Our Volunteers are vital to us at IFS.  Each one of our volunteers brings a special quality to the business and I don’t just mean in their working abilities and talents, I mean in their personalities.  We have volunteers who love to be out on the van, meeting new customers and making deliveries and collections and then others who like to be in the office, ensuring they hit their sales targets.  But that’s what makes them all so special and important to us.  We work as a team, whether it be a staff member or a volunteer, we rely on each other and we have all built a trust that makes a great team.  Giving someone a hand lifting furniture or just making someone smile, our Volunteers make it all happen.

We wouldn’t be IFS without the amazing support we receive from our volunteers and that is why I believe it is so important that we celebrate Volunteer week in June to show our appreciation for everything they do.  It is also very rewarding when a volunteer starts employment and although we miss them, we feel a huge sense of pride that we have supported them in to work.  I’d recommend anyone to give volunteering a go, for the work experience we can give and the friends to be made”