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Celebrating 10 years of success - Volunteer Week

We interviewed Dave Potts who volunteers at IFS (Impact Furniture Services) West to ask why he enjoys volunteering with Impact. Dave is Impact's longest serving volunteer having started in 2009.

We asked Dave what made him start volunteering with IFS, he advised it was to help the victims of the 2009 Cumbria Floods. At that time Dave was on a course with Ground Works and was sent to IFS to help on the vans delivering goods to the victims of the floods, Dave worked around the clock travelling throughout Cumbria to ensure those who had suffered received furniture, white goods, food and toiletries. Dave enjoyed helping people through this time so much that he decided he wanted to start volunteering for IFS full time.

Dave explained the reason he has been volunteering for 10 years is because he enjoys meeting new people, he classes staff and other volunteers as friends and has good relationships with customers who often just pop into the store to see Dave for a chat. At 63 Dave is very active he volunteers 4 days a week and is always on the go. He has good work ethics and likes to be helpful. He likes to keep busy and learn new skills which he says he has benefited from enormously. Dave has learnt new technology skills and knows the ins and outs of the procedures surrounding electrical safety, function testing and is a dab hand at building furniture. Dave takes a lot of pride is ensuring that all goods that are going out to customers are immaculate. Dave has become a mentor to other volunteers teaching them the skills that he has.

We asked Dave what keeps him coming back to volunteer he explained that if he wasn’t volunteering he would be bored at home, he likes coming to IFS to keep busy and interact with staff and customers. Dave enjoys being part of the team and helping people at every opportunity.  He knows the work that he does helps the community and he is very proud of this. It was clear when speaking to staff at IFS that Dave is thought very highly of and is a huge asset to IFS West. Jo Ritson Social Enterprise Manager said  "Dave knows IFS inside & out I feel lucky to have someone like Dave volunteering, he is a credit to the team"

Finally we asked Dave to explain a typical day at IFS his response was, he always likes to ensure that staff and volunteers never go hungry by supplying food and drinks to share before starting his daily tasks Dave will start his day by looking at what needs to be done and will decide which volunteer will go on the van to deliver goods or stay in the office to help, he will load deliveries onto the van and see which furniture needs put together, look for odd jobs to be done, clean white goods ready to sell, move furniture, assist customers, ask customers to complete customer surveys, take telephone calls and much more.

Speaking with Dave it was very clear he enjoys being at IFS, in 10 years Dave has only taken 6 days off through his own choice as he likes to be in the IFS environment. I think we can all agree that Dave is a star and celebrate his 10 year success with him.

Well done Dave keep up the good work.