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Let's Talk Rent

The majority (approximately 75%) of Impact’s customers pay their rent in advance in accordance with their tenancy or licence
agreement. These payments help to ensure that we are able to fund our services; including building new homes, and making repairs and improvements to existing properties. If you’re one of our customers who is paying their rent in advance – thank you!

If you’re not always managing to keep your rent account up to date, please talk to your Arrears Officer. We know that money is tighter than ever following COVID-19 and we’ve seen more customers have trouble making rent payments, putting their homes at risk.
We can really help customers avoid this by asking you to get in touch.

The government has put measures in place to help people financially, including a two-week ‘buffer’. This means that if you’re now making a new claim for Universal Credit because of a change in your circumstances and you’ve been receiving Income Support, Income-related Employment & Support Allowance or Jobseeker’s Allowance, you’ll continue to receive this benefit for two weeks whilst your Universal Credit claim is being processed. Our team are here to help support customers who are struggling to navigate their way through things.

If you’re struggling to pay your rent, talk to our Income Management team Contact your Arrears Officer or speak to someone in our Money Matters service.
You can use our main number 03448 736290 and ask to be put through, or you can contact a member of the team directly.
Please get in touch straight away if you’re worried about paying your rent.

James Fallows (Arrears Officer)
Tel: 07900 988686

Kim O’Shaughnessy (Arrears Officer)
Allerdale, Copeland,
South Lakeland and Lancaster
Tel: 07979 524953

Rachel Shields (Arrears Officer)
Carlisle, Eden and all Young
People’s services
Tel: 07979 524968

Sue Shirvinton (Money Matters)
All of Cumbria and Lancaster
Tel: 07585 968466

If you’re struggling to pay, please get in touch today. We’re here to help.
FB: @impacthousing
Twitter: @impacthousing

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