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Useful Rent Info

When do I start paying?
At your sign-up meeting, you will be required to pay one full week’s rent, which must remain on your rent account throughout the duration of your tenancy.  In addition to this, your rent needs to paid in advance, and is debited to your rent account every Monday.

You may pay your rent weekly, fortnightly, four weekly or monthly, provided payments are always made in advance.

You are responsible for ensuring that Impact receives the full weekly charge (including any service charge).  If you are entitled to Housing Benefit payments, or the housing element of Universal Credit, it is also your responsibility to ensure that Impact receives these payments.  It is important that your claim for Housing Benefit or Universal Credit (and any supporting evidence) is submitted as soon as your tenancy starts.  You should complete the application as soon as you take up the tenancy, and you must provide evidence to show that you have submitted your application.  If you expect to receive Housing Benefit and there are arrears on your account while your claim is waiting to be processed, we will still inform you about this, even if we know you've made a claim for Housing Benefit, and we will still request that you update us on the progress of your claim.
Why do I need to pay my rent in advance?
Your rent for the week is due first thing on a Monday morning, and this is when our arrears processing systems are run.  If your rent has not been paid prior to this then your account will show an arrear.  Because your rent needs to be kept clear at all times you must pay 1 week in advance if you pay weekly or one month in advance if you pay monthly.
How do I pay for rechargeable repairs?
If you damage the property in any way then you will need to pay for the repair before we place an order for the works to be carried out.  The only exception to this is if the damage caused means that there is a health and safety concern which needs to be acted on straight away.  If this is the case, and you can’t pay for the repair to be carried out at the time of reporting, then the charge will be put on your rent account and you will be expected to pay for it over a limited period of time.  Remember that if you lose your key and we are required to send a joiner to change the lock, this will be a rechargeable repair, so it's wise to ask a friend or relative to keep a spare! 
Payment Options
We have many different payment options to suit everyone.  The different payment options are: Impact Housing CustomerApp, direct debit, payment over the phone (with a debit or credit card), and rent payment card, which you can use at any Post Office or other outlet which displays the PayPoint sign (you'll be sent one of these automatically as soon as your tenancy starts).  Direct debit payments can be taken weekly, fortnightly, 4 weekly or monthly.  They are quick and simple to set up for most people who have a bank account and payments made by direct debit are covered by the direct debit guarantee scheme.