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Impact Customer Voice

All customers of Impacts 2,772 properties are automatically members of the Impact Customer Voice.  This is the main route for Impact to consult with customers who receive services from us.

We therefore invite you to join us as an active member of Impact Customer Voice and all you need to do is send an email expressing your interest and your name to Once you have sent us an email you will be added to the Impact Customer Voice mailing list and you will start to receive communication from us.

As an active member of Impact Customer Voice you will be the first to know when Impact is seeking constructive feedback from customers on a range of matters including but not limited to policy reviews, service standard reviews and service delivery reviews. By feeding back to us, you have the opportunity to influence how Impact works for you.

Impact Customer Voice will also let you know about a range of involvement opportunities such as local tenant and resident groups, task and finish groups and scrutiny groups, amongst others. This will give you the opportunity to positively challenge Impacts performance for the benefit of all tenants. 

Currently within Impact Housing we have two main customer groups, Carlsile and Eden Customer Voice and Allerdale and Copeland Tenant and Resident Group.

The groups meet regularly and they look at issues affecting all tenants, performance of the housing service and have input into Service Standards and the way Impact delivers services, as well as looking at specific issues or problems. The Customer Experience team work with the customer groups with other Impact teams attending meetings on occasion to widen the discussions when needed.

We have links to the customer groups on the right hand side of this page and on these pages you will find a range of documents and contacts. All of the groups would like to hear from you and so if you are interested, please get in touch.

Impact also has an online customer group – Impact Customer Voice. This is for customers who might not have the time or interest to come along to a regular meeting, but are happy to look at a policy, comment on a new brochure or just be part of a conversation on a particular issue and we would welcome more members. Interested? Please register to be an active member of Impact Customer Voice by sending an email to


For more information on how you can become an involved customer, please email or call our Customer Service Team on 03448736290.

  • 03448 736 290

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