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Foyers are integrated learning and accommodation centre’s providing safe and secure housing; support and training for young people aged 16 - 25.

In exchange for services uniquely tailored to their needs, young people living at our Foyers in Eden or South Lakes are expected to actively engage in their own development and make a positive contribution to their local community. Both Foyers offer young people a range of opportunities to overcome barriers and most importantly achieve their goals and aspirations.

A place in our Foyers involves signing up to education, employment or training based on the skills you already have and the type of job you are interested in. Young people are encouraged to take up volunteering and to link with their communities.  In return, young people receive help with numerous things including reconnecting with family, independent living skills, access to further education, getting a job, dealing with mental health issues or developing stronger confidence and self belief.

Our Foyers work very closely with Inspira and a range of other agencies to provide a great offer to the young people living there. Young people living in our Foyers are actively encouraged to explore their ideas and ambitions to see where that takes them.  Most of all they have lots of fun.