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Eden Rural Foyer, Penrith

We are very proud of our foyers and all the young people who come to live there. Foyers provide safe and secure housing; support and training for young people aged 16 - 25 and can help young people overcome barriers and access a huge range of opportunities. Eden Rural Foyer offers two types of temporary short term accommodation. We have 6 flats, commissioned by Supporting People, that are dedicated to young people aged 16-24years who would benefit from initial support to develop their tenancy skills and work towards living independently. Each young person is allocated a dedicated Independent Living Worker who will work with them to focus on the individuals talents and aspirations. Whilst staying with us, young people will have a first class experience of flexible, personalised support and will have lots of opportunities to have fun, learn how to manage a home and live independently. Our remaining 9 flats are dedicated to young people aged 18-24 who are engaged in successful employment, training or education. They have access to mentoring from the Independent Living Workers based in the foyer for adhoc housing and wellbeing advice. In exchange for services uniquely tailored to their needs, young people living in our foyers are expected to actively engage in their own development and make a positive contribution to their local community. A place in our Foyers involves signing up to education, employment, volunteering or training based on the skills you already have and the type of job you are interested in. If a resident is not ready for that big leap we can talk to them about talking small steps to get there. It's important to us to link closely with our local community and residents at the foyer are encouraged to join in. In return they receive help with lots of things that will help them achieve success these could include reconnecting with their families, independent living skills, and access to further education, getting a job, dealing with mental health issues or developing stronger confidence and self-belief. Whatever is important to that individual and will help them achieve their goals! Our Foyers work very closely with a range of agencies to provide a great service to the young people living there. Young people living in our Foyers are actively encouraged to explore their ideas, talents and ambitions to see where that takes them.

We are proud that 94% of the residents who have lived in our foyers tell us that they think our service helped them to change their lives for the better.  What a great recommendation. Please give us a call on 01768 861650 if you’d like to hear more about what we do.