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Current Groups

Currently within Impact Housing Association We have four main groups. In Carlisle and East Cumbria there is the Impact Carlisle and East Cumbria Area Representatives Group (iCAEARG) in Salterbeck, The Salterbeck Residents Association (SRA); There is a group that covers South Cumbria and Lancashire and also a group that covers Allerdale and Copeland properties not on Salterbeck (ACTAR)

The groups meet monthly and they look at issues in the respective areas, performance of the housing service and they also input in Service Standards and the way Impact delivers services as well as looking at specific issues or problems. The  Neighbourhood Team work with the groups and other Impact Teams attend to widen the discussions when needed. Impact has also recently apointed a specialist Tenant Engagement Coordinator who will be in post in January 2019

We have links to 2 of the groups group and on these pages you will find a range of documents and contacts. All of the groups would like to hear from you and so if you are interested, please get in touch. The more recent West and South groups will have full contact details added in January 2019

Impact also has a virtual tenants group - The Informed 50. This is a group of tenants who might not have the time or interest to come along to a  regular meeting, but are happy to look at a policy, comment on a new brochure or just be part of a conversation on a particular issue. Impact communicates with the Informed 50 through e mail, phone or letter to gather views throughout the year and we would welcome more members. Interested? Please contact Stephen Wilson on 07834320188 or e mail on