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Gas Safety

Every property that has a gas central heating system, solid fuel heating and/or a fire which must be serviced every 12 months to make sure they are safe to use.  Our contractor, AFM, is responsible for carrying out these checks.  AFM will write to you before your service is due with an appointment date.  If this date isn’t convenient you need to contact AFM as soon as possible to arrange more suitable date.

Your safety is important to us; if we are unable to access your home to service your heating system we will take action to complete the service before the current Landlord’s Gas Safety Record becomes out of date. 

See our useful information leaflets about the safe use of gas appliances and a helpful guide on how to reduce costs and maximise the efficiency of your gas central heating.  

Gas Escapes

If you smell gas follow these simple steps:

  • Turn off the gas supply (the main gas on/ off tap can be found next to your gas meter, or as shown in the Property Information Section of your tenancy handbook)
  • Open windows and doors.
  • Do not turn on or off any light switches or electrical equipment (sparks can cause an explosion)
  • Do not light any matches.
  • Ring Transco on 0800 111 999
  • If you smell gas – DO NOT TAKE RISKS
  • Phone Impact to inform us and arrange for your appliances to be checked and supply turned on.


Gas Repairs

  • Phone 03448736290
  • Emergency repairs - Report all emergencies - like a burst pipe or no heating by immediately by telephone, lines are open 24 hours


AFM carry out all repairs to your boiler or gas fire, timescales for repairs are:

  • Emergency Repair – attend within 4 hours (e.g. no heat or hot water from 1 October to 30 April)
  • Priority Repair – attend within 24 hours (e.g. no heat from 1 May to 30 September)
  • Urgent Repair – attend within 7 days (e.g. replace gas valve to boiler)
  • General Repair – attend within 21 days (e.g. repair faulty ignition on gas fire, replace meter cupboard door)