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Introduction of Universal Credit ‘waiting days’

From 3rd August 2015 new regulations will come into force, meaning that for certain new Universal Credit claims, there will be no entitlement to benefit for the first 7 days of the claim. These first 7 days are known as ‘waiting days’.

The waiting days will affect entitlement to the full Universal Credit award, including housing costs and child elements where relevant.

Exceptions to the new rules will apply to the following:

  • Existing Universal Credit claimants who move into the All Work Related Requirements Group as a result of a change of circumstances;
  • Certain groups of vulnerable claimants - those who are terminally ill; have recently been a victim of domestic violence; are a care leaver; are aged 16 or 17 and are without parental support; or have recently been a prisoner;
  • Claimants migrating from legacy benefits;
  • Those moving on and off Universal Credit due to earnings within a six month period; and
  • Those to whom a new Universal Credit award is made when a previous award has ended on their forming a couple with, or splitting from, a joint claimant.

However . . .

If the waiting days do apply to you, you may still be able to make a separate Housing Benefit claim for the period of the 7 waiting days.

If you need any further advice or assistance regarding this please contact the Income Management team:

03448 736290

  • 03448 736290