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Energy monitors to help you save money on your electric bills!

We have electric energy use monitors that can be installed in a matter of minutes and then let the household know exactly how much it costs to run appliances and more importantly shows that if you then turn them off – how much you can save. They are useful for showing that even when you think everything is turned off, devices on standby, phone chargers and suchlike do use a small amount of energy and if turned off – this can be saved. We can let any tenant have use of one for a month or so, by which time they will have showed the household how money can be saved by just thinking and switching things off – and limiting the use of energy burners!

Contact your Neighbourhood and Communities Coordinator to arrange the loan and set the monitor up. Its simple, free and it can save you money on electric bills – why wouldn’t you!


Also, Impact works with an organisation called Billscutter, and they are a part of the National Housing Federation and offer an energy bills comparison and switching service that is free and impartial. We pass on details of all new tenants who agree and between January and April this year, they have switched 38 new tenants and saved them an average of £122 each per annum.

Would you like to save money on Bills? You don’t have to be a new tenant, so let us know and we can advise how to get a price from Billscutter – or call them direct and free on 0800 001 4706. Any queries, please call Stephen Wilson at Impact on 01228 633630


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