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How we are doing

We are committed to improving our services and adapting them to meet the needs of our customers.  Measurement plays an important part in helping Impact’s Board and Senior Management Team understand where we need to improve and how much change we have brought about.  Publishing this information is also very important to help our customers and stakeholders understand how we are performing and to hold us to account.

Each year, as part of our business planning process, Board agrees the key performance indicators (KPIs) that will be used to measure and monitor performance. The indicators selected help Board to assess the progress that is being made in delivering the objectives set in the Business Plan.

We recognise 3 types of performance measures:

  • Quantitative - hard figures which tell us how we are doing in numbers and percentages
  • Qualitative - some numbers and percentages, but also comments from customers, which tell us what customers really think about our services
  • Intuitive -  what we learn about our services from doing reality checks, Managers going "back to the floor", and feedback and information we get from events, partners, walkabouts etc. - informal but invaluable


In instances where the KPIs or measures show that performance is not at the level set by Board or agreed with tenants, we provide an explanation as well as a description of the action being taken to bring performance back into line.

Where is performance reported?

Performance is reported to Board after the end of each quarter using a Socrecard showing our current performance, trends and a forward look.  These scorecards appear to the right of this page.

We also report performance directly to customers each year in the Annual Report to Tenants.