Impact Housing Association

Improvement Through Action

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Impact is a charitable housing association where we work for the tenants and as such manage our finances in a proactive way to ensure that the revenue we generate is reinvested back into our services to improve the standards that our tenants can expect.

Annually we set a budget for the organisation which incorporates general needs housing, positive impact, social enterprise projects and back office departments. Throughout the year we monitor our progress through management accounts and plan the best ways to reinvest any surpluses that are above our minimum requirements.  We are also looking at efficiency savings and linking this to our value for money statement.

The associations finances are subject to an external audit every year where our accounts are scrutinised by a third party to ensure that we report a true and fair view of the association. Our accounts are approved by Board and adopted at our Annual General meeting along with our Annual Report to Members.  The accounts are submitted to the Financial Conduct Authority and our Regulator, the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA).

We also prepare 30 year forecasts to ensure the financial viability of the association going into the future. This information enables us to plan the best use of our resources going forward.