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Young People, Abbots Bank, Penrith

As well as the 15 flats at the foyer we also have a shared house in Penrith which can accommodate up eight young people between the ages of 16-25.  Each young person has their own en-suite bed-sitting room and there is a communal living room with TV and internet access and a kitchen and laundry facilities are also provided.

Abbots Bank is linked to the Eden Rural Foyer and all the facilities at Eden Rural Foyer including the Cyber Café are available to use free of charge. The café is a place where young people can relax or a place or get work done – researching, emailing, social networking.

At both the Foyer and Abbotsbank we have a team of dedicated, experienced staff including night workers on site who assist the young people and help them to maintain their tenancies.

Across our young people’s accommodation we focus on the talents and aspirations of the individual. Whilst staying with us, the young people will have a first class experience of flexible, personalised support and will have lots of opportunities to have fun, learn how to manage a home and live independently. Please give us a ring on 01768 861650 if you’d like to hear more.