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Impact Housing is committed to maintaining its properties to a decent high standard.  The Association works with its tenants in offering guidance and advice in looking after their homes and offering a consistent approach to carrying out any repairs necessary to ensure a safe home.

There are various ways you can report a repair.  You can call us on the contact number on the right hand side - Monday to Thursday from 9am to 5pm, or from 9am to 4.30pm on a Friday.  If you have an emergency repair outside of these hours or at the weekend you can also ring this number to speak to our emergency on-call team who will be able to arrange for the emergency to be attended to.

You can also report a repair any time of the day by using Housecall.  Housecall is a web based tool to assist tenants with reporting repairs. It uses a process of elimination using pictures as prompts to help narrow down what repairs are required to your home. Housecall can be accessed any place at any time - all that is required is an internet connection. Once the repair has been diagnosed, you simply fill in your address details and access details and your repair is emailed to the repairs team.  This method should make reporting repairs easier and more convenient as you don't have to wait for office hours to report a repair, allowing greater flexibility. To report a repair on-line simply click here.  If using this method to report a repair we ask that only non-emergencies are report in this way.

The repairs team has an email address where non-emergency repairs can be emailed to.  We ask that you provide you name, address and a contact telephone number.  Details of what the fault is will also need to be given – the more details the better.  Our email address is:



When you have reported an internal repair it is possible in most cases for us to give you an appointment.  We can confirm the date the contractor will attend and also if it will be in the morning or the afternoon.  Once you have confirmed this appointment, it is your responsibility to ensure the contractor is able to get access to your property.  If the contractor is not able to gain access, we may look to recharge you the cost of the contractor’s time.  Further guidance on this matter is detailed in the ‘Charges for missed appointment’ leaflet on the right hand side.


Your responsibility

There are some repairs that are tenants own responsibility, such as changing your own toilet seat, or providing light bulbs on all light fitting including strip lights.  Further details on your responsibility can be found in the leaflet on the right hand side.


Help and Advice

We want to help our tenants maintain their home to a good standard.  To assist you in doing this we are working on a number of guidance leaflets that we hope to publish through this year.  We already have information on asbestos and controlling condensation and mould within the home.  This information can be accessed via the links on the right hand side.  Look out for further updates throughout the year.

If you have a topic you would like more information on, please email your suggestion to us at or phone on the number at the top of this page.